Islam And Islam: The Five Pillars Of Islam

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The Islamic religion began in 610 AD. It is one of the first religions to believe in one god, also known as a monotheistic religion. The prophet Muhammad was called upon by god. The Angel Gabriel came to him bearing a message from Allah; the message read was, “There is one god Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet” (Section 1 The rise of Islam student notes). In Mecca, Muhammad 's town, this was not a popular idea because their religion persisted of multiple gods, also known as a polytheistic religion. Overtime he convinced his family, and many others to follow the monotheistic ways. After a long battle of teaching followers and others about monotheism it finally started to expand and all of Mecca followed this religion by 622 AD. Today in the …show more content…

The Five Pillars of Islam consist of faith, committing yourself to the religion, god, and the prophet Muhammad. Prayer which takes place five times a day submitting fully to god. Alms is the giving of two and half percent of Muslims income and provided to the poor. Fasting which occurs for one month, Ramadan, throughout the day, and lastly pilgrimages where at someone time is a Muslims life they must venture to Mecca. The Five pillars of Islam are duties that each Muslim carries out daily. The religion of Islam intertwines with laws and religious beliefs, and the Koran, the holy scripture of the Islamic faith, holds the moral values of the Muslims. Muslims live by the Koran. The Koran consists of the Five Pillars of Islam, prohibitions, and morals that all Muslims follow constantly. Allah the one god of the Islamic faith is looked upon by each Muslim. Each Muslim has a personal relationship with god. One example of how dedicated each Muslim is to Allah occurred when artists were painting living things. Since Allah is the creator of all life, it became prohibited to illustrate living beings, and this is how calligraphy was created. This shows how dedicated Muslims are to their god. The religious beliefs occur frequently in the daily activities of each …show more content…

In the Koran, there are many marital rights that both men and women have. For example, polygyny is permitted; this is when a man can have more than one wife. Although this is expectable, many do not participate in this; not to mention, it is forbidden for women to have more than one husband. In the Islamic faith marriage is approached to be a mutual contract between a man and a woman. Women have marital rights, such as the free will accepting a marriage and divorce, but many marriages are arranged in some Muslim nations. A women’s earnings in a marriage are hers and do not belong to the husband; the husband is accountable for his family’s finical needs. Furthermore, modesty also is important to many Muslims. Modesty is encouraged to not only women but men too. Women usually wear hijab’s, a headscarf, and men also wear conservative clothes. This is to ensure that neither men nor woman are having improper thoughts. Many Islamic women view modesty and the hijab to demand respect from men; this makes them feel powerful and respected. Although many nations encourage modesty, others do not. In a family setting it is important the mother is educated because she will teach her children and family members morals, knowledge, and the religious beliefs. Family is significant in the Islamic faith because family relationships are valued.

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