Islamic Ethical System

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Tawhid or oneness of God (Allah) is the first pillar of Islamic theology which means to regard as one and only. Faith in Allah is the base of all ethical life in Islam. He is omnipotent and omniscience. He is absolute, perfect, eternal and the origin of everything (Ali Raza, 2012). Tawhid provide the foundation for a successful ethical and moral system. Islam’s view of God as the One and only power necessitates God as the source of ethics. The concept of God in Islam affects its ethical system in many ways. For example, when the pure monotheism of God and the conception of the highest ideal are mixed up with imperfections, errors or inconsistencies as it is in other religions, then how can that
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There is no contradiction between its promotion of worship (ibadah) and the fulfilment of physical needs, for such fulfilment is itself considered worship when conducted with the sincere intention of pleasing Allah. Islam promotes the control and channelizing of physical needs, not their renunciation. The teachings of Islam, even though the do cover religious rituals and morality, also encompass all other aspects of life. The Prophet Muhammad’s mission encompassed not only spiritual and religious teachings but also included guidance for such things as social reform, economics, politics, warfare and family life. Thus due to the diversity and success of Muhammad’s mission, Muslims have clear guidance from God. Additionally, in the Quran Almighty God has revealed to mankind that the purpose of our creation is to worship and remember God in all aspects of our life and to follow His guardian in everything that we do (Abu Yusuf,…show more content…
Even though time has changed but the approach is still suitable until today. For example is the message of Islam conveyed by Prophet Muhammad SAW has been open to all humanity and never been limited to any particular people, nation, tribe, race or social class. The pure essence of the beliefs and teachings were revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad. Islam is truly unique among the religions of the world because it is addressed to all of mankind. The scripture of Islam, called the Quran, Almighty God is never addressed all human being. Additionally, in the Quran, Almighty God never addressed as the God of a particular people or nation. Since religious truth is eternal and unchanging and mankind is one universal brotherhood, God’s revelations to man have always been consistent and universal. Due to God’s wisdom and because Islam is the final revealed religion, the guidance that God has sent is applicable for all the times and for all the places. This can be seen in the fact that the guidance for some aspects of life is much more broad and flexible than others (Abu Yusuf,

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