Islam: Medicine Prophet Muhammad

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Medicine Prophet Muhammad

Islam is a complete code of life and the life of every single aspect of the game is highlighted. Physical and spiritual teachings of Allah and complete cure for internal and external diseases. Prophet Muhammad numerous lawful, good things are clear advantages and told how to use. Modern science, Syed blessings Allah has full compatibility with words. '' Prophet Muhammad medicine ', have profited from the Muslims.

He was awarded the wisdom of the Prophet. Gracious Lord says: 'Allah has sent down to you the Book and Wisdom and has taught you that which you did not know, and Allah's grace on you' (Nisa: 113). And said: 'He is one of those people illiterate Messenger reciting to them His communications and purifies
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He said: 'It is we who are revealed sheer healing and mercy for the believers', (Israel, 82). Second is: 'O people! And the third is: '' Those who believe in their hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah do. Remember! Take comfort in the remembrance of Allah do hearts', (offspring: 28). Sura al-Fatiha from the tail to give comfort to the patients are suffering. The Koran is the treatment of numerous…show more content…
Allah says about honey 'emerges from their bellies a drink of varying colors, the colors are different and the people who aurufkr cure for this is a sign of' ', (Nahl 69). Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah said: 'You must hold nigella seeds, it is a cure for everything except for Sam and Sam is the meaning of death', (al: 2041). Narrated Abdullah bin Abbas, he said: "Prophet Muhammad had a Kohl pregnancy. He painted three times in each eye that you were shouting, '(Ibn Majah: 3499). Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet said: 'ajuh palm paradise and it is healed, and mushroom poisoning in mind (which had landed on Israel) and the water is restored to the eye. "(Tirmidhi: 2066). We love God's orders and practices of the prophet Muhammad to be our fate if healthy

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