Islam: The Rights Of Non-Muslims In Islam

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The Rights of Non-Muslim in Islam

Tolerance is one of the key features of Islamic teachings. As Islam protects the rights of its followers the same way it grants equal rights to the non-Muslims living in an Islamic state. Moreover, Islam does not impose any extra duties on the non-Muslims and allows them to practice their religion. According to Shariah, the non-Muslims are known as Zimmis and the state is responsible for securing their rights concerning life; prestige and property.

Freedom is the basic right of every person in the world. Islam allows the non-Muslims to carry out their religious practices without forcing them to fulfill the duties that are obligatory for the Muslims. For example the non-Muslims are not forced to participate in Jihad. The basic rights of the non-Muslims are protected through the Shariah laws.

Here, it should also be kept in mind that Islam doesn’t allow any form of defamation of Islamic ideology, Quranic teachings, Holy Prophet (PBUH) and sacred personalities (all prophets- peace be upon them all and their families/ companions) on account of freedom of speech/ expression. It respects all and demands from Non-Muslims under its care to respect their sanctity.

Secured Life and Property
Islamic state is bound to protect the life and property of the non-Muslims. The best practical example comes from Madinah Munawwara where the Jews were protected concerning their rights of life and property. Non-Muslims have the right to share the

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