Islam: The Three Aspects Of Islam

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The three aspects of Islam are Tawheed Ar-Rububiyyah which means Oneness of Allah’s Lordship – Believing in Allah alone. Tawheed Al-Asmaa Wal Sifat, maintaining the attributes of Allah. Then comes the third aspect Tawheed Al-Uloohiyyah or Tawheed Al-Ibaadah meaning Oneness of worship.
In the Qur’an it clearly states
“Praise be to Allah, the Lords of the Worlds. The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. King of the Day of Judgment. You alone we worship, and You alone we seek for help.” (Quran 1: 2-5)
In these verses are the three aspects of Tawheed, and these verses alone shows how important it is for a man to maintain the threes aspects as it is from the very first chapter of the Holy Quran which has been revealed to us that we should follow it.
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First, talking about Tawheed Ar-Rububiyyah, the word ‘Rububiyyah’ comes from the word ’Rabb’, which means ‘Lord’. That one words explain that we are bound to believe in Allah alone. So, simply it is oneness in Allah. We all know Allah is the creator of the whole universe. That proves it when we see one of his divine names from the Asma Ul-Husna, the word ‘khaaliq’ (the creator). The name itself gives us the hidden definition of it, nothing ever happens without the knowledge of Allah SWT, as stated in the quranic
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