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It is stated that Malaysia after Mahathir’s era there is increasing external pressure to adjust to global standards of democracy and universal human rights. With a new Prime Minister, Abdullah Badawi, the doctrine of Islam Hadhari seems to have been distractions, particularly in the middle of the political disruption the nation has been undergoing since 2008. Some said that, Bedawi and his brand of Islam are widely considered a welcome change from Mahathir’s alienating and apparently contradictory style of rule. Some observers count Islam Hadhari’s impreciseness among its strengths to be blurred is to be comprehensive. As a general concept Islam hadhari makes for a legal canopy against crude efforts to Islamize Malaysia. It provides an accessible…show more content…
With the established of Islam Hadhari it emphasizes merely the need for equal development, which covers both physical and spiritual development. This way a shift in development approach from a “secular paradigm” to “tawheed paradigm,” which emphasizes developing a thinking society, social polyphony, and economic progress. It is not a new religion or teaching but it is a new madhab (school of jurisprudence). Therefore, Islam Hadhari is efforts to bring the Ummah back to crucials, fundamentals, as order in the Qur’an and the Hadith perceptively that form the footing of Islamic civilization. Islam Hadhari too highlight development that is consistent with the principle of Islam and that focuses on increasing the quality of life for every citizen, regardless of his or her religion. Hence the tide of radicalism and extremism can be investigated and reversed with good governance, healthy democratic applications, and employment of the citizenry through education, as well as fair sharing of the benefits of economic…show more content…
Unfortunately, it varies from political Islam, as seen in the rule of Ayatollah Khomeini. Some proclaimed that, regardless Malaysia’s name as a model Islamic democracy but links to terrorism remain unchecked properly. Even the government has stately against Islamic extremists; some groups have been investigated or raided for using Malaysia as the launching platform for several attacks in other countries for example Al Qaeda. Many of the jihadi websites can be traced to

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