Islamic Art Essay

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Art is the mirror of any culture and its worldly views. The art of Muslim world mirrors its social values and uncovers the way Muslims see the spiritual domain and the universe. Muslims all over the world embrace the identical system of belief and each one of them is well familiar with the spiritual connection regardless of nationwide, racial differences or conflicts. They consider themselves to be Muslim as a matter of paramount importance. This strong sense of identity and stability inclined en route for a high level of societal and richest artistic traditionalism. Islamic art has persistently validated its dimensions for the innovative reinterpretation of the existed forms of art and one of the innovations is Islamic Wall Art.
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Geometric and vegetative motifs are widespread all the way through the lands where Islam was once or still is a dominant religion with its cultural force. Islamic art is seen appearing in the private palaces and buildings such as the Alhambra in Spain in addition to the detailed metal work of Safavid Iran. Similarly, certain building architecture appears throughout the Muslim world: masjids with their minarets, mausoleums, gardens and religious schools (madrasas) all shares mutuality, though, their forms fluctuate…show more content…
In the early medieval period, from the eleventh through the mid-thirteenth century, and the late medieval period, the mid-thirteenth through the fifteenth century, different regional forces developed, which promoted diversity in cultural expression. At last, the late Islamic period, the sixteenth through the eighteenth century, was a time of incredible realms, in which intense dynastic support, like never before, advanced to promote and shape artistic styles. It has been observed that in 2oth and 21st century Islam and Islamic art is spreading on a faster pace in European countries and states of
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