Islamic Golden Age Influence

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The Influence of The Islamic Golden Age on the Modern World
According to Islamic History Online The Golden Age was a time when Muslims created one of the largest empires in history with inventors throughout the Islamic world, making discoveries in many fields such as agriculture, art, industry, literature, navigation, philosophy, sciences, sociology, and technology. Although there were discoveries in all topics, but the Muslim world is more famously known for becoming a major contributor to science, philosophy, medicine, and education. Similar to the The Golden Age, dated from the mid-7th century to the mid-13th century the “House of Wisdom” was built in Baghdad where scholars came to gather the world’s knowledge and study. It was a place where
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Artistry and literary fields had incredible artistic and literary geniuses came to be during this time, and the most beautiful new designs and works came to life.
According to Muslim Girl’s article Art and Literature During the Golden Age many decorative and creative works were established. Islamic art came in many different forms such as ceramics, glass, metalworks, illuminated manuscripts, and woodwork. Abstract art also played a role in the development of this civilization, not only in art but in many architectural buildings like mosques. An example is the Great Mosque at Cordoba, it is known for its beautiful interior arches and its open and breezy interior space in red, blue, and gold. The walls are decorated with decorative patterns called arabesques, Arabic inscriptions, and the walls covered in glazed tiles. Another form of art that was brought to life is calligraphy, it focused on elegant writings specifically in Arabic that is still practiced today. The Islamic Golden Age brought to life some of the most beautiful and artistic creations, some that were some of the most remarkable artistic pieces of the time. Without these artistic achievements, art would not be as developed as it is
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According to Lost Islamic History “As part of the elite Janissary corps...the mehter band’s purpose was to play loud music that would frighten enemies and encourage allies. Using enormous drums and clashing cymbals, the sounds created by a mehter band could stretch for miles.” Bands that were accompanied by armies, seemed invincible. It was said in Lost Islamic History that after the siege of Vienna in 1683, the band had to retreat and dozens of their musical instruments were left behind, they were then studied and this changed the way wars were fought in Europe forever. Also because of these mehter bands, marching band were created and created a way to intertwine comradeship with musical affection to create strong and powerful instrumental music for entertainment, and prepare for a competition. It is incredible to know that using music during war can have such an influence on the modern

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