Islamist Movement In Turkey Essay

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Islamist Movement in Turkey
Turkey was one of the key experiments of modernist reformism and early years of the Turkish Republic; between the years of 1923-1947 was an era of construction that can be considered as the first stage of modernization of the newly establishing state. This is an era that the scope of term of modernization has such a far-reaching meaning that includes the building of Turkish society in every sense; urban, rural, provincial, educational, political, but utmost, societal. In this rebuilding period, religion was replaced as a part of traditional and put as a contradiction to modern. Creation of the enlightened people was the essence of the system. This period of modernization could be summarized as ‘uplifting the people
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Therefore, in 1947 Congress, Republican People’s Party made a self-critique about laicism and decided to transform and flex the strictly imposed policies with the proposal of members. This period of relief gave way to the emergence of Islamic groups both in ruling and opposition parties. With the rule of Democrat Party in the 1950, these groups had a freer sphere to speak up. Moreover, Turkey witnessed a dense and rapid rural-urban migration period from beginning in 1950’s, which is accepted as a milestone for dramatic demographic change that fostered social, political and economic transitions. The social mobility and urbanization paved the way for the Islamic movement and its actors, which gave rise to the reawakening of Islamic movement by pushing the strict limits of public space. In that sense, Islamist movement of the 1970’s was not an utterly new phenomenon; but it was the reemergence of suppressed outcast as political

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