Island Health Project Management Case Study

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For the past six years, I have been instrumental in the success of several local and island-wide engagement and health promotion projects. Currently, I am seeking opportunities and new challenges within Island Health for a permanent project management position that will allow me to demonstrate my exceptional project management skills. I am thrilled to apply for the position of Project Manager (#44658) as advertised on Island Health’s website.

Wherever I have worked, I have been credited with being highly organized and efficient. I excel at working effectively with over 40 stakeholders from different backgrounds and implementing a variety of strategies and projects that always deliver measurable outcomes. My record of achievements is exemplary, such as my success in developing and implementing two health promotion projects – Sun Smart Campaign and Care for Men Campaign in collaboration with other Island Health’s program areas and community partners. This year I became certified in Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) and as a Lean Management Professional. Lean Six Sigma, a proven strategic tool for process and quality improvement, complements well with my project management
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In my previous role at the Immigrant Welcome Centre, I have gained valuable experience in developing projects to assist organizations in creating an inclusive work environment and culture. In 2013/2014 I designed and implemented the MythBusters community project, based on a successful model created by the Barcelona City Council, and tailored for Campbell River and Comox Valley residents. The project was recognized by key stakeholders as one of the most creative engagement projects in the region, promoting the recruitment and retention of immigrant employees. In 2014, the project received a provincial award in recognition of its success and

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