Ismene: Illegal Act Of Burying Polynices

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2. In this quote, Ismene is telling Antigone that she will not help in the illegal act of burying Polynices. Antigone becomes offended by her unwillingness to help her, because Polynices is Ismene’s brother as well. The reason why Ismene won’t help her, is because Ismene does not want to go against Creon’s law and be killed. However, Antigone does not care if she gets executed, she is willing to bury Polynices no matter life or death. She even says it herself that she will be happy if she dies for her brother Polynices. “ANTIGONE: And if I die for it, what happiness!” (128).
7.During this talk with Creon and Ismene, Creon is already counting Antigone as dead. Ismene is trying to get some sense into Creon by telling him that he couldn’t kill

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