Isn T Everyone A Little Bit Weird Essay

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Our Differences is Something to be Proud about About 50% of kids get bullied in 4-12 grade by other students while about 30% bully others. Most people get bullied or have felt alone/ left out. People can feel this way anytime, but mainly during 4-12 grade. Everyone is different one way or another. Our differences are what makes us unique. The different traits from one another will be the one thing that will help you later in life. People who see things differently end up changing the world or having an effect on it. The author talks about how every single one of us is weird, and uses Benjamin Franklin as an example. The article “Isn’t Everyone a Little Bit Weird” explains how Benjamin Franklin was “One of the framers of the United States Constitution, Franklin (1706-1790) was a leading author, political theorist, politician, scientist, inventor, activist, and businessperson” (Isn’t Everyone a Little Bit Weird 3). Franklin was considered weird, one reason is because, he would take air baths (naked) while writing essays. This reveals that the most gifted people are often strange. When the author…show more content…
In the article “By Any Other Name from Gifts of Passage” it talks about how these Indian sisters go to a new school and the headmistress changed their names to English names. One of the sisters was going to take a test and the teacher separated the Indian students from the other students and said Indians cheat. In chapter 6 the author writes “‘ You can bury a dog’s tail for seven years and it still comes out curly, and you can take a Britisher away from his home for a lifetime and he still remains insular’” (Rau 6). This demonstrates how no matter what you do, you can never change who you are. Even if it’s big or small, don't change who you are to fit in. The traits that you changed are what makes you unique and will help you later in life. Stick up for who you are, being different is a strength us it to your
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