Zimbardo's Speech Strengths And Weaknesses

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Watching my presentation has allowed me to understand the strengths and weaknesses of my Isocrates speech. Through the video I could see that my strength was my prior knowledge of the experiment, and I had incorporated credible sources to support the thesis. I also realized that delivering the speech is what I need to work most on. The strength of the organization in my presentation was that I began with a rhetorical question by Dr. Zimbardo. The quote was a great introduction to what my speech was about because it mentions the central ideas of good and evil. I also think that my transitional phrases helped create a smooth transition into my main points. For example, the first transitional phrase I used was “Now you must be wondering why such horrible things happened during an experiment” to explain why this had occurred in the experiment. I also arranged the main points of my speech to show how one point led to another point. For example, the loss of personal identity was the first main point, and this helped explain how their new identities helped establish who had power in that environment.…show more content…
Almost all the supporting material came from the official website of the Stanford Prison Experiment. I also quoted Stanford University’s official website, and Dr. Zimbardo’s TED talk to support the main points. For the visual aid I used photos from the Stanford Prison Experiment’s official website and Times 100 to aid the audience’s understanding of the topic. I also used a video clip from the Stanford Prison Experiment movie to demonstrate how the prisoners were being psychologically tortured by being placed in solitary confinement. I think explaining the clip before I played it helped the audience understand how it would support the main
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