Isolation As Depicted In Nathaniel Hawthorne's Letter

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I am sure you have all noticed changes in Mr. Hooper. I have called all of you today to discuss Mr. Hooper’s conditions. I personally believe that he needs treatment, and I hope you are with me as well. From my personal observation as a physician I believe he’s been showing signs of clinical depression. He lost interest in activities he used to enjoy, he’s been having some guilt, and he’s been isolating himself from society. These are urgent cries for help. Mr. Hooper has isolated himself from society by putting veil over his eyes and not going out as much. I from someone that, “he has changed himself into something awful, only by hiding his” (Hawthorne 2670) this veil has alienated him from all the people in town. They are too afraid to approach him; therefore, I know you all agree with me. I feel like he should get the help he needs. What he’s doing influences himself and the town. He scared little kids, scared himself, and lost his fiancée. Townspeople report Hooper has cease his evening walks, when questioned him about this, Hooper said that “he could not walk the street in peace of mind” (Hawthorne 273) clinically, this statement…show more content…
I also propose that we help and support him; I suggest that he starts walking again. Having some exercise would be good for him and his health. Exercising can release feel-good chemicals that may ease depression, it also reduces immune system chemicals that can worsen depression, and it increases body temperature, which may have calming effects. I might also prescribe some medication depending on how he is feeling after trying all the other methods. I might prescribe an antidepressant and a SSRI, these medications can prevent or relieve depression and elevates mood and eases symptoms of depressed mood and anxiety. Also, the most important thing you can do to help him is to support him and let him know he’s not alone and he has all of
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