Isolation In 'A Rose For Emily And The Tell-Tale Heart'

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The Evil Behind Dark Isolation
While reading these short stories various things are represented. The variation ranging from symbolism, theme and gothic elements. Gothic elements are characterized by fear, horror, death, and gloom; in addition to, romantic elements such as nature, individuality, and high emotion. The gothic elements seen in “A Rose for Emily”, “The Minister’s Black Veil”, and “The Tell-Tale Heart” are exemplified by dark villains’ and quiet isolation.
Generally, “A Rose for Emily” set during a time period when Miss Emily was alone; ultimately, hiding her true motive. A flashback in the story reveals that Miss Emily’s father had passed away and she had no family remaining other than cousins who reside in Alabama. Thus, Emily lived all by herself in this huge home creating separation from her peers. Then, along came Homer, whom she fell in love with; however, Homer did not feel the same as she did. Miss Emily was afraid of being alone again, especially after her father’s death and she felt like she had to keep Homer somehow. In the
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The narrator stated, “True! -nervous-very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad?” (pg. 1) This is a distinct sign of madness seen from the narrator; especially, if one has to ask why people say that he is mad. The story setting is clearly isolated; the only people who live in this immense mansion is the elderly man and the caretaker. Right away, it is easy to recognize how this will end. The caretaker has major problems regarding the elderly man’s eye. In the end, the caretaker kills the old man and hides his body thinking that he had completed this remarkable task. However, the police came and he confesses. The darkest of all villains can not compete with the dangers of

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