Isolation In Edgar Allan Poe's Alone

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Aldous Huxley once said, “If one's different, one's bound to be lonely.” His words mirror the youth of American writer Edgar Allan Poe, as he was unlike the others and therefore isolated from them. In his piece, Poe ponders on the good and the bad that occurred due to this isolation and how it affected his future. The author pours his childhood into his poetic work “Alone,” showing his audience the hardships of a misunderstood orphan.

From the poem’s first-person narration the reader can infer that it is a flashback to the author’s childhood. He begins the narrative by explaining how even at a young age, he differed from the other children, how he felt left out and alone. The “sorrow” in line 6 may be because of the loss of his family. He,
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