Isolation In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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Metamorphosis Essay Like death or neglect, isolation is one of the most extreme fears that people may possess. We are very social beings, so we feel the need to be a part of a group in which we are accepted for our personalities or beliefs. Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis tell the story of Gregor Samsa who, overnight, undergoes a physical transformation into a cockroach. Gregor lives with his family and before his form is altered, he is the sole provider of money for his family. Throughout the novella, it is apparent that Gregor becomes increasingly isolated from the world and dehumanized by the people surrounding him. Gregor soon is resented by his family for being such a burden, and is separated from his group to which he has been comfortably attached to for most of his life. His work and family are main contributors to Gregor’s feelings of isolation and alienation and he is not able to overcome these respective tragedies. Family is one of the most common groups that we as human beings feel an obligation to be a part of. In Metamorphosis, Gregor is loved greatly by his family for all of his hard work at his job so he can provide for his entire family without them…show more content…
This takes place even before Gregor becomes a cockroach, he is taken advantage of and works tirelessly. Gregor’s work situation is described in the following quote: “ He was a tool of the boss, without brains or backbone.” The quotes emphasized the dehumanization that his work place makes him feel; he is not seen as alive, but rather as a tool. The way that Gregor’s workplace dehumanizes him is even more extreme after he has transformed into a cockroach. Gregor’s work isolates him from himself because he is a slave of his job. He is not allowed to pursue his interests, have free time, or take action in his own life. His work is one of the main reasons he is very unhappy and it does not treat him like a human
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