Isolation In Lip Gloss

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The songs "Lip Gloss", "Gucci Gucci", "Modern Girl", and "Rebel Girl" examine the different, yet similar coping mechanisms for solitude. In the songs "Lip Gloss" and "Gucci Gucci", the singers have discovered methods of dealing with their loneliness. In "Lip Gloss", the singer shelters herself from her peers through her "popping" lip gloss. Through the repetition of the phrase "what you know 'bout me", the singer reveals that nobody genuinely understands her personality. In reference to her lip gloss, the singer states that "the boys really like it, the girls don’t speak". This shows that her peers often shun her, and that she does not have close personal connections with her peers. By simply stating that "the girls don 't speak", the…show more content…
The singer consistently states that "They say my lip gloss is cool / My lip gloss be popping". The singer takes refuge and comfort in her lip gloss, as shown by the repetition of this phrase throughout the song, even as her peers continue to shun her. However, in "Gucci Gucci" the singer is isolated from her peers due to unpopular clothing choices. The singer distances herself from her peers in an attempt to cope with her isolation. The singer taunts "Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada / Basic bitches wear that shit so I don 't even bother". By using the phrases "basic bitches" and "that shit", the singer attempts to deprecate her peers who wear stylish clothes. She counters the negative attitudes of her peers by saying "Why you looking bitter? I be looking better". This shows that the singer is not accepted in society, but…show more content…
In the songs "Modern Girl" and "Rebel Girl", the singers are isolated from their peers as well, but have not yet discovered beneficial coping mechanisms yet. In "Modern Girl", the singer feels separated from the world. She states that "TV brings me closer to the world", which implies that the singer is isolated from the world. However, she is bringing herself even further into isolation through the television, which is a traditionally antisocial activity. The singer decides to solve this problem, so she "Took [her] money and bought a donut". The use of the word "my" emphasizes the singer 's independence. She attempts to cope by purchasing a donut. However, the singer then states that "the hole 's the size of this entire world", which shows that, like the hole of the donut, the purchase was not beneficial and did not satisfy the singer 's hunger or desire for companionship. However, in "Rebel Girl", the singer copes with her desire for affection by obsessing over her role model, the elusive "rebel girl". The singer wishes to emulate the "rebel girl", as illustrated in the phrase "I want to try on your clothes". The singer assumes that if she becomes like the "rebel girl", she will be accepted by society. The singer admires the "rebel girl" 's attitude and wishes to follow in her footsteps, as reinforced by the phrase "That girl she holds her head up so high / I think I want to be her best friend, yeah". The singer wishes to have the confidence of the "rebel girl", however she

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