Leg Ulcers Literature Review

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( Brown2005)in her article discusses the issues surrounding loneliness and isolation and has highlighted the knowledge of gap for nurses in around this concept in spite of the acquired knowledge through qualitative studies of many of our researchers ( Charles 1995 Walshe,1995 Moffat2001) whom have put at forefront of their studies, social isolation missuses/loneliness as having an effect on the quality of life. This knowledge deficit has led to has led to poor and a lack of understanding and focus on outcomes in managing quality of life for patients with leg ulcers.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The aim of this literature review is to explore the impact of people living with leg ulcers impact on their quality of life and wellbeing, and to
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Romanelli et al 2010, explains the importance of managing the exudate to improve the patient’s quality of life. If exudate is not managed properly it can lead to delayed healing. It is important that nurses recognise by the appearance of he wound that the right decision has been made in the choice of dressings, as well as being able to recognise the complications of poor exudate…show more content…
Soiled clothing and footwear impacted on their self-esteem, and appearance, leading to anxiety about being judged by other people. Participants also found efforts being made to elucidate the problem had a poor outcome.
Jones JE et al (2008) on reviewing the effects of smell and exudate from ulcers found that everyday life was affected. Emerging from the study (which used a hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale) (HADS three aspects around the odour were recognised. The psychological reaction to odour, the anxiety felt as a result of the restriction on the participant’s social life, in case the smell might be noticed well as being concerns how nurses will manage the odour. This study has revealed that the stress caused by exudate and smell can lead to patients feeling “unheard”, by nurses leading to feelings of
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