Isolation In Othello

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When it comes to the dangers of isolation, look to the people closest to you. Whether it be your best friends, family, business associates or whatnot. Then think about everything you do know. In the play Othello, it’s the people you are closest to that you actually don’t know even when you think you do. In the beginning of Othello, it’s the isolation of Roderigo and Brabantio that is the match which will start a wildfire. Roderigo uses his relationship between Desdemona and also Brabantio to get Brabantio to not only believe him but to act on it as soon as possible. Towards the end of act one, scene one, Brabantio agrees to look into the matter when Brabantio states “At every house I’ll call… On, good Roderigo. I will deserve your pains.” (I.i.203-206) this is significant do to the fact that Roderigo was able to isolate his love for Desdemona and start a problem between her and her father with the secret…show more content…
But what he is very good at is getting people to act upon their emotions and his plan by isolating others’ wants and his wants and puts them together. Iagos’ intellectual superiority itself is the most dangerous isolation when it comes to Othello. In the first act he’s able to convince Roderigo to go to Brabantio and he is able to stir up Brabantios’ emotions by saying “You have lost half your soul… your daughter and the moor are now making the beast with two backs.” (I.i.96-131). Not only that but Iago is even able to get Othello to turn on his own wife. At first Othello questioned Iagos’ statements and requested physical evidence. Iago was able to give him some, even though it was fake evidence, and convince Othello of Desdemona's and Roderigo's “relationship”. Once everything hit the fan, and before Iago hope when he said “Iago, look with care about the town” (II.iii.273) but even then that wasn’t enough for

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