Isolation In Richard Wright's Black Boy

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In Black Boy, Richard Wright leads a difficult life, yet he is able to persevere through it. Richard has an independent personality that protects him from getting betrayed, but his stubbornness causes him trouble to adapt to a better life. His superior intelligence gives him an advantage over others and makes him think about the future more than others, but they mistreat him for it. Because of his high intelligence, he shares a different moral of equality that makes him stand alone against the whites. The unique personality and beliefs of Richard Wright, like his stubbornness to change, lead to a life of isolation that caused his actions to deviate towards conflict pushing others away. Richard Wright, a stubborn and independent teenager, cause those around him to reject him for who he is. As a child, Richard was told to…show more content…
Richard has always felt the unjust of race, and has felt how segregation made it hard for him to have a future. But when he gets a chance to get revenge on the whites, he refuses when he thinks ”Who wanted to look them straight in the face, who wanted to walk and act like a man.(200)” Stealing went against his morals of the right way to succeed and would not help the community appearance to the whites. The community as a whole is very religous but Richard does not share these beliefs, even with the persistence of his friends and family he says ”Mama, I don't feel a thing.(155)” This caused his friends to beg him, but in face of rejection they leave him alone. Richards plan is so, “ I knew that in the long run it was futile, that it was not an effective way to alter one’s relationship to one’s environment.(200)” Richards wants to advance in life like any good person would, like any whites person would, so that when they see his success would he feel like an independent man that is equal to everyone else with or without the help of
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