Isolation In The Giver Lowry

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Isolation is a very sad thing. There are two ways it can go. Either someone can just deal with it and be lonely and sad, or that person can make it into a positive thing. In the Giver, Jonas is getting very isolated with his community, first Jonas refuses to go back to the annex room, then he stops taking the pills, then the game of war, and last he knows about the release.All of these, changes jonas in many ways. Jonas refuses to go to the annex room because he doesn't want any more memories of pain. Jonas has a long way of memories to go, there could be good ones and bad ones.In The Giver Lowry writes, ”he didn't want the memories, didn't want the honor, didn't want the wisdom, did not want the pain”.This shows us that Jonas doesn't care about any of the wisdom, and honor, he just want no more pain and memories.…show more content…
To be able to know nothing and there is no more pain.this is.also a step of the hero's journey, the second step “ refusal of call”.Secondly Joan's throws away the pills and stop taking them because he want to feel feelings, but the pills stop everyone from feelings. Lowry writes, " he had not taken the pills for four weeks. The stirring had returned, and he felt a little guilty and embarrassed about the pleasurable dreams that came to him as he slept." Joan's feels guilty because he knows it's not right to not take the pills, but the dreams are pleasurable to him, so he stops taking them. This matters because this one of the first change Jonas has because he is now feeling, feelings, just like The Giver, but not everyone else.this reveals to us that jonas is breaking a rule and lying to everyone that his is taking the pills. Addition to not taking pills, Joans is becoming isolated even more is the game of war. On days off, the children like to play in the park. The like to play a game that They like to call, good guys and bad guys. The game to them as really no meaning, but to Jonas it's a whole different thing. Lowery writes.
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