Isolation In The Shining

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Unlike other movies, The Shining forms its horror through psychic power. One of the most important example would be Danny’s supernatural ability to “shine”. Danny's ability to "shine" was a main reason that cause Jack getting insane and the supernatural events to happened in the hotel. This ability “shine” is what brings the hotel to life. Shine was an powerful ability and reason that brings all the scary event and ghost in the hotel, which they are able to materialize themselves due to the “shine”. These supernatural events always lives in the hotel, but people with the ability “shine” can get glimpses of them, just like like Dick Hallorann. He sees the ghost inside room 237 and is terrified by it, Hallorann also warn Danny to stay away from…show more content…
The Overlook Hotel had creates a progressively isolation in the movie, the isolation of the mind and isolation from humans. Jack and Wendy are all distant from their dysfunctional families. Jack's alcoholism and anger problem are one of the main reason for the immediate isolation of the family. This examples also shows the audience's fears of the absence of mental intimacy with loved ones. At the middle of the movie, Jack has no patience with his son when Danny asks him questions on the riding up the mountain. Then, when they got to the hotel, Wendy is enthusiastic, but Jack mumbles with annoyance. This clearly show that Jack is self-absorbed and distanced from his own family. Jack Torrence's own torment and sense of self- hate is also externalized due to the isolated condition of the hotel, which the isolation allows the “public Jack” to hide away and the “private Jack” to appear, and the private Jack was the one that embodies the audience's fears. The public Jack interact with his boss and family nicely, but eventually when the private Jack appears, he becomes synonymous with Grady, the last person who take cares of the Overlook Hotel which become insane at last and murder his own family. The scene when Jack and Grady meets in the bathroom, the camera frames
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