Isolation In The Village Movie

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"Isolation as a Way of Protection" Sometimes people would rather walk away from their problems instead of facing them. Isolation is a way of feeling protected for some people due to their fear of being hurt because of bad experiences. Walking away and isolation are effective ways of avoiding problems, however, it will not change the reality of life and the good or bad that comes with it. In the movie, "The Village" directed by Shyamalan, the elders isolated themselves and their families in order to be protected from the real world but at the end, the movie shows the audience that people need each other in order to be happy or safe. Lucius helped Ivy when they were younger, but he stopped doing it because Ivy 's sister Kitty was interested…show more content…
However, this is not a characteristic only presented on Lucius, the entire village is isolated from the rest of the world. The elders ' reason to have that lifestyle is the loss of a loved one. By living in isolation, the younger generations do not know any other way of living beside the one provided by the elders in the village. As Lucius, the elders ' motive is the pain caused to them; they do not want their families or close friends to feel the pain that they suffered when the people from "other towns" as for how the elders referred to everyone outside of the reserve took their loved one. A person or even a community cannot be isolated forever. There will come a time when they will need help from other people. The village is a small town with non-advanced technology nor medical resources. When Lucius was stabbed, the doctor of the town did not have the medicines to cure him because they do not have any contact with the rest of the world. Isolation can be a very effective way of protection but at some point, it becomes harmful since people need each other in order to overpass adversities. The elders ' found comfort in each other after they lost a loved one. They could have isolated themselves, but instead, they came together from a tragedy as a community, and they founded their own town where they stayed out of the real world. Sometimes a major event is needed to change the way a person
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