Isolation In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Many people in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper lee, isolate themselves. Sometimes Isolation turns out fine for them, but other time is can hurt them in the inside and make them feel lonely and sad. Mr. Raymond is a huge outsider in town and almost everyone takes pity on him and say it’s not his fault he's a drunk. The whole town thinks he's evil because he has a mixed colored child, in Maycomb you can only be white and be accepted. Scout said “They don’t belong anywhere.” ( Lee Pg. 215)” Atticus sees the better of everyone and Scout thinks it would be a fine to be friends with Mr. Raymond, but Scout also thinks that Aunt Alexandra will be furious with them if they become friends with him. Mr Raymond has isolated himself so much that the…show more content…
Arthur has stayed in his house since he was seventeen. Arthur has been in his house for thirty three years now and is fine with the way he lives. He can see the whole town from his window and see what's going on. He is as white as a ghost, but has seen it all. He has seen houses burn down and snow. From all his isolation the children in town started to make up rumors about Arthur. They call him Boo Radley they also say he only come out at night. Some of the town folks say they have seen him at night watching them from the window. The biggest rumor they say about him is that he stabbed his father with a pair of scissors. Scout, Jem and Dill make a game called the Boo Radley game and play it within watching distance of Arthur. Atticus sees and thinks that it will hurt Arthur’s feelings. Arthur never leaves his house he never leaves to go see the town parade or if the school is doing a play. It probably makes him feel really lonely and maybe makes him think about leaving the house. Some children go as far as walking around town just to go past his house just because they are scared of the house. Dill say’s “You’re two scared to even put your big toe on the front yard. (Pg. 16)” Then children are scared of a house there going to be even scareder of what lives in it. With the children being super scared of his house, in addition the scaredom keeps Arthur more isolated than he was probably was expecting. Arthur was probably hoping to see the children play outside or near his house once and awhile and with all of the children scared, he hardly see children at all. With the rumors going around and everyone’s scared of his house his isolation is probably more harmful than
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