Isolation Mayan Empires

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Isolation from foreigners benefits a society. Three empires that benefited from isolation were the Mayan Empire, the Aztec Empire, and the Inca Empire. These three empires stood strong and flourish alone without anyone to rely on. The Mayan Empire was the empire that had the longest time span of the three empires. The Empire lasted for around 3,500 years. (Page 93.) During it’s reign, the Mayan empire achieved many accomplishments. A couple of these accomplishments were the Sacred Round, a calendar like tool that gave meaning to the days, and the farming technique “Slash and Burn”, that prepared the land to grow the food needed for the society. (Page 95.) It can be argued that the Mayan Civilization benefited from isolation because the Mayans…show more content…
The Inca Empire was the largest empire in size but not the longest lasting. One might argue that the Inca Empire did not benefit from isolation because the empire only lasted around 300 years. (Page 104-105.) However, they are wrong, because the reason the Inca Empire lasted for only a bit of time was that the foreigners came. Metaphorically, Francisco Pizarro and the Spanish burned down the Incan Empire to ashes. (Page 106.) If the foreigners had not come, the Incan Empire would have lasted longer. Isolation benefited the Incan Empire, because in their time alone in the mountains, the Incas used the advancements Terrace Farming, and had an irrigation system. Terrace Farming was where the Incas carved out long steps on the mountains and grew crops such as potatoes and corn on them. The Incas grew over 200 types of potatoes and 20 types of corn on the mountains. The Incan Irrigation system helped bring water to the homes of people and to the mountains where farmers used the technique, Terrace Farming. (Page 104-105). This evidence proves that the Inca Empire flourished under isolation, because the Inca Empire used their surroundings to their benefit. These two advancements help prove that isolation benefits a
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