Isolation Theme In Into The Wild

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Into The Wild is a book whose setting creates the theme of isolation through setting, mood, and character. The theme becomes ironic when the thing the main character was seeking turns out to be the source of his death. Chris McCandless was just a kid that had just graduated high school in 1990. Growing up in his town he wanted more, he wanted to be out on his own. Chris decided that he was going to isolate himself from the rest of the world, so he decided to start hitchhiking. He traveled all around the United States for two years, and he finally thought going to Alaska would be the best thing for him because it's the most isolated place that he could think of. This turns out to be a fatal mistake of the character. All throughout the book, Krakauer talks about Chris's struggle to isolate himself from society and does everything in his power to stay away from any intimate relationships. Even though Chris's main purpose for leaving was to stay away from everyone and be alone, Chris finds himself meeting and actually liking new people on his way to Alaska. Leaving like he did Chris cut all ties to his family, friends and towns people that he had known previously, so he was forced to talk to the people he hitchhikes with. Therefore, his character is forced to continue his source for isolation. Leaving his family must have been hard; it would be…show more content…
He wanted to live life on the edge. Alaska is a very unforgiving place, it's a place where if you do not know what your doing then it will kill you. Chris messed up big time by going out there with no experience or advice from anyone. If Chris made one mistake it was going out to the Fairbanks bus on the stampede trail in Alaska without anything to help him or even to help him call for help. Even though many people come up to that trail, the weather is so inconsistent and unpredictable in Alaska there was no way to tell if he would ever get any help or see
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