Isolation Theme In The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald uses many themes in his novel, The Great Gatsby. One of the themes he uses is the theme of isolation. Examples of his use of the theme isolation are when Gatsby isolates himself from his guests at his parties, when Myrtles husband locks her in her room.
However these are just two of many examples of Fitzgerald’s use of the theme of isolation in his novel, The Great Gatsby.
After a long afternoon of bickering at a hotel, Gatsby and Daisy leave to go to Tom and
Daisy’s house. As the mood settles down, Tom offers Nick Carraway a drink. Nick rejects the offer and suddenly brings up the fact that it is his thirtieth birthday. In his recognition of his birthday, Nick realizes his lack of friends and identifies his thirtieth birthday
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However Tom is not in the car, contrary to what Myrtle originally thought, and as Myrtle runs in front of Gatsby’s car, she is run over by Daisy. Myrtles husband George is devastated by his wife’s death, and vents to his wife’s cousin in his time of sorrow as he tells her that he told
Myrtle, “She might fool me but she couldn’t fool God.”(Fitzgerald159)
George discovers that it was Gatsby’s car that killed Myrtle. In light of this discovery,
George makes the assumption that Gatsby killed Myrtle, giving him the incentive to kill Gatsby.
George then finds Gatsby, and kills him. At Gatsby’s funeral, “No one arrived except more police and photographers and newspaper men.”(Fitzgerald165) And after all this time, after all the parties Gatsby hosted, the entire time, we come to realize Gatsby never had any real friends, except Nick.
Fitzgerald uses his theme of isolation in many ways. Including Gatsby being isolated from his guests at his parties by being sober, not drinking any alcohol, by Myrtle being isolated from all men as she was locked in her room by her husband, and finally by the reader finding out at the end of the novel that Gatsby never had any real friends but Nick. He was isolated from everyone, the whole world, his entire life, and now it shows at his
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