Isolationism In The 1920's

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Isolationism weakened the League of Nations by refusing to sign the League of Covenant and the Treaty of Versailles. Due to the feud between Wilson and Lodge, isolationism will start to grow. Isolationism and the fear of communism will influence the U.S. after World War 1. Americans have moved on and were getting tired of Progressivism and war. They feared unrest labor such as communist, labor unions, and immigrants. World War 1 and the collapse of the 1929’s national economy was referred to the “Roaring Twenties.” The “Roaring Twenties” will be a time of change socially, politically, and culturally due to urban and rural values, science versus religion, and the red scare. Red Scare is being afraid of everything with “ism” except for capitalism…show more content…
In the 1920’s the society was becoming more tolerate due to the invention of electricity, jazz, bootleggers, and immigrants. Electricity will help invent things like the radios, automobiles, television, airplanes, and etc. By having these technology advances, it created a sense of connection between the people. Bootleggers were people who smuggled illegal alcohol. The old immigrants hated the new immigrants because they were taking the old immigrants jobs. Jazz is a type of music style that will become very popular in the 1920’s. Jazz as they move to the cities will get more popular. Jazz will influence more music styles as time passes by. The Rural values were more conservative. They didn’t have electricity and or drink. They believed in going to church on a Sunday on a horse. The Rural values were more challenged by the city people because they had trouble keeping their kids together and away from the urban society. Urban vs Rural values were considered social discord because the urban society was more tolerate while the rural society was more conservative and old school. Science vs Religion was considered cultural and political discord because it showed that religion was prioritized over education. Red scare was considered social and and economic discord due to the problems that they faced with the immigrants and the KKK. All of these issues will lead the U.S. to the Great
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