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During World War II between 1939-1941 before the attack at Pearl Harbor, the United States did not formally declare war against Nazi Germany. President Franklin Roosevelt supported intervening in the war, yet public opinion strongly opposed. There was a national debate between the isolationists and the internationalists. Isolationists opposed getting involved in the war because they felt that the United States should focus on its own problems and opposed the debt that would surely follow involvement. Conversely, internationalists believed that the United States had a moral duty to intervene in the war and believed that by aiding Great Britain in her time of need the United States might avoid direct involvement in the conflict.
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Seuss the well known cartoonist, was an internationalist. Dr. Seuss believed that America would go down the drain if the United States of America to listened to Lindbergh and others. One of his cartoon’s depicts a “Lindbergh Quarter”, this quarter has an ostrich sticking its head in the ground. This quarter stands for Charles Lindbergh wanting the United States to stay in isolation and not have anything to do with World War II. In another one of Dr. Seuss’s cartoons is “And the Wolf Chewed Up the Children and spit out their bones…” This cartoon depicts a woman wearing an “America First” shirt reading a book. The book she holds is entitled “And the Wolf Chewed Up the Children…” On each side of the smiling and happy woman sit a boy and a girl in astonishment. The boy and the girl seem horrifically surprised by the reading of the book. The realization of America’s non-involvement in international conflict” brought great sadness and astonishment to these two children.
The national debate between isolationism and internationalism took place before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. Arguments for and against intervention varied. They range from debt at home to America’s moral duty to get involved during World War II. Japanese if not attacked Pearl Harbor internationalism may have won the argument and hence America would have been involved in WWII. Great Britain as well as other countries needed help from America. If America would have sat back and isolated themselves, eventually Hitler would have struck the country and destroyed the United States of

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