Isolation's Negative Effects On Families

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1. What do you know about the negative effects that isolation can have on families?
The negative effects that isolation can have in a family are devastating. As it’s explained in our book, “Isolation has a number of negative effects on families. It limits role models for children. It can lead to a sense of hopelessness. And it can even lead to child abuse” (p. 309). It is too sad that there are many abused children because, the family feel helpless, when there are many resources available to the community. We all, could orienting families and help them to access the resources available in the community and improve their lifestyle. 2. Name some social networks that you are acquainted with.
Some social networks that I know are Facebook, Twitter, and What’s up. All of them are well known for the facility provided to communicate with family, friends, or relatives around the world by posting information, texts messages, audio messages, pictures, etc. All of them are free, reliable, and a faster way of communication. Nevertheless, there is social network available for most families, “The school or early care program itself can provide the catalyst for bringing families into a
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However, sometimes the help offered is not the best for the family culture. My neighbors have a 15 years old daughter, who gives so many problems to them. The girl is constantly offending, yelling, and laughing at them. She doesn’t want to attend school anymore and apparently she is in drugs. One day, the girl hit the mom. The father called the police and the final solution they get was to send the girl to live with a relative at least for a couple of weeks. I printed a list of community resources and I gave it to them. Until today, they continue with the problem because the solutions offered either one, they are not able to accept them, or don’t help them at all. I really would like to find a solution for their

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