Isopods Vs Pillbugs

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In this experiment, we are testing whether or not the Isopods' have more of a preference for an environment with syrup or with water. The alternative hypothesis we devised is that if the Isopods are placed in between a syrup and a water chamber, then they will go towards the syrup chamber. This is believed because we believe the Isopods may have an attraction to the sweet scent and taste of the syrup. My group and I observed 10 pillbugs behavior over the span of 5 minutes, recording the number of pill bugs found in each chamber every 30 seconds. We fail to reject the null hypothesis because the chi squared value is 3.6 which is less than 3.84 (critical value at .05). This indicates that we are unable to show a statistical difference between Isopods preferring the syrup environment over the water environment.
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Isopods typically eat, fruits,weeds, fungi, and animals, both dead and alive. However, when there is a drought the crustacean becomes a scavenger, willing to eat whatever it encounters. Opposingly to these conditions is their behavior when their environment is entrenched by too much water, when this happens Isopods endure a great deal of stress. The perfect medium for them is a damp and cool environment, such as burrows in logs and underneath soil (Brown, 1999). For this experiment we used syrup and water as our independent variables. This was decided because in our prior experimentation it was discovered that the Isopods prefer the environment with water over the dry environment. This experiment was the epitome of taxis, in which the Isopods moved directly towards the environment with water. We then became eager to see if that was applicable to any wet environment or if the specific substance caused the preference to

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