Isoxazoline Case Study

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6.1.1:- Synthesis of Isoxazoline derivatives :- Isoxazoline are five member heterocyclic compound. isoxazole and their derivatives have received much attention because of their wide application in medicine and pesticide chemistry. Many isoxazole compound including oxacillin sulfamethoxazole have been developed as pesticides and drugs. Isoxazoline derivative synthesized by various ways [1-2].[3] reported the synthesis of isoxazolines from newly substituted chalcone by reaction with hydroxylamine hydrochloride . J.T. Desaiet al. [4] reported the ecofriendly synthesis of isoxazoline moiety containing bridge at 2 º amine and also screened them for potent pharmacological activity. P. Sudhir et al. [5] synthesized Mannich bases of isoxazolines derivatives by the condensation reaction of substituted acetophenone with substituted aldehydes in presence of alcoholic NaOH via chalcones intermediate. A palumbopiccionello, et. al[6] reported the synthesis of isoxazoline derivatives through Boulton –Katrizky rearrangement of 1, 2, 4, oxadiazoles. R. Bhimwal etal.[7] described the synthesis of isoxazolines via cyclisation of substituted chalcone intermediates in the presence of hydroxylamine hydrochloride and screened them for antimicrobial activity. Tejaskumar et al.[8] proposed the synthesis of isoxazolines derivatives and screened them for

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