Israelite Dbq

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In the earlier times the Israelites lived in Egypt and were explained to be a fruitful and multiplied people. Under the law of Egypt’s king, the Israelites had permission to live in Egypt and work the land. However, the King felt as if the Isralites were a threat to his reign because there were so many of them, so he dicided to deal with them “shrewdly” (Exod. 1:10). Therefore Pharaoh assigned them degrading work in harmful envirnments and began to control their population growth. The Egyptian masters worked the Israelites ruthlessly (exod. 1:13,14) and made them slaves. They forbed the Israelites from praying to God. God was not happy about how his people were being mistreated, so assigned Moses to demand that the Pharaoh let his people go.
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