Issues And Challenges In TVET

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1.1 TVET TVET or Technical and Vocational Education and Training is an educational system that provides specialized training for technical skills and some other skills. The formation of the TVET system has a tendency only in technical skills and knowledge. However, nowadays it does not only emphasize on technical skills and knowledge but also in generating human beings with individuality traits as well as engendering future leaders in various fields.
1.2 Issues and challenges in TVET The first issue and challenge regarding to the TVET is curriculum and variety of allocation, certification, and standard. Allocation of TVET is implemented by dissimilar ministries, agencies, and organizations with the divergence
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Augmented access to TVET institutions is one of the requirements to provide learning opportunities to all Malaysians. The Ministry of Education plays a major role in training TVET in Malaysia. With the transformation of vocational education that has been launched, a form of the framework is necessary to meet the needs of the market in industry 's job. This step is necessary to reduce the gap of compatibility of study programs with industry needs. The accreditation of two major organizations namely the Department of Skills Development (JPK) based on the National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) need to be streamlined to complement the industry and the TVET institutions. It is important to provide clear opportunities for vocational education leavers to pursue higher education and thus attract trainee participation to choose the TVET…show more content…
Besides that, it is also to enhance the efforts to produce high-income employees. Furthermore, the increase in the level of graduate employment causes them easy to get a job and be self-reliant and improve living standards with high-income earners. The persistent efforts of all parties involved in vocational education and training cause the expected results easily be achieved. TVET institutions need to be relevant and able to transform the various needs in meeting the globalization market economy and will be respected for their contribution and have a high impact on the country 's economic development. Moreover, TVET will be also able to produce a quality national workforce as a result of training provided through increased productivity of labour and quality of

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