Uber Problems And Opportunities

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Problems and Opportunities Uber is one of the many companies that have faced difficult situations. The problem can occur anytime, and it should be solved as fast as possible. This section lists the little problems to the very big problems. Most of the problems are due to the countries’ policies and IT infrastructure. There are several opportunities that can improve the company which includes the area of IT infrastructure because their application is the heart of their products and services. The following are the list of the popular problems and the opportunities, which are listed below: Problems 2. Not enough cars during rush hours: There are rush hours in every city which is normally 2 periods in a day. The morning rush hour is around…show more content…
Conflict with government policies: Some governments have strict laws on ridesharing policies like having meters, and the laws of each city is different. This causes some problems for Uber to do their business because their business violates some of the conditions of the law. 6. Rating customers is a problem: Some passengers are rated unfairly due to their race or other factors that they are not able to control. This leads to discrimination and it is unfair for the passengers making it harder for them to use the service they desire. 7. Profile picture can lead to race discrimination: The one of Uber application’s feature for driver is selecting the trip. The trip’s information will show the profile picture of the rider, in the other hand, after accepting the trip, the rider also see the profile picture of the driver. If either the driver or the rider are racist, they will cancel the ride, and it will not be fair for the person on the other…show more content…
Uber encourages developers to fix its system or help its system get better by providing an API for them to work with: Due to the importance of IT system, the application with some failure is unacceptable, and unbearable. The company provides an API to any developers. This is an opportunity for the system because all Uber has to do is buy the development of an application by other developrs to get better systems which is created by other developers outside the company. 5. Uber should develop a function for drivers to check the number of drivers that are in their area so that they can move and distribute their services evenly: As there are many drivers within the company, there are competitions within the service. If there is a function to show the number of drivers around the area, the chance of each driver would get customer will increase because the drivers will go to some other areas that does not have a lot of drivers in the area that is crowded to do business. 6. Uber could have a constant report of the drivers’ behavior by having sensors record data of their car motion: Rating system for driver by the riders may be biased, and it will cause an unfair rate. If there is a sensor for detecting the driver’s behavior, there will be evidence to support the rating about the driver’s misbehavior with their

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