Issues Between Philip And Ms. Narwin

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Why do people tell lies? And what would it be like if everyone told the truth? Some issues between Philip and Ms.Narwin were that Philip didn’t like Ms.Narwin because he couldn’t be on the track team because he had a bad grade in her class. Another issue was that Philip thought that Ms.Narwins English class was boring, so he would make comments or remarks that he shouldn’t, but he does it to make the class more interesting and to bug Ms.Narwin. One last issue that Ms.Narwin and Philip had was that Philip would hum the Star Spangled Banner in Ms. Narwins homeroom to annoy Ms.Narwin since he didn’t like her. So there were several issues that Philip and Ms.Narwin had that led to one big issue which created internal conflict and these issues built …show more content…

Philip blamed Ms.Narwin because of him not being able to be on the track team because of the grade that she gave him. So when Philip is talking to coach Jamison about joining track, coach Jamison said to him, “This grade isn’t too bad. And this grade. Fine. The one that really hurts is here. English. Now, if you could have gotten that grade up a notch. Just a bit. Even a C minus. But a D isn’t-by the rules-passing. So I guess we’ve got a problem.”(Avi 27-28). So this upset Philip which created internal conflict for Philip since he couldn’t be on the track team. So he went to ask Ms.Narwin for extra credit work to get his grade up so he could be on the track team. But when he went to Ms.Narwin, she said, “You’re… you’re not in this section anymore. You’ve been switched.” But Philip kept asking and she kept saying no, but Philip was very upset which created conflict between him and Ms.Narwin. This also created internal conflict for Philip because he wanted extra work but ms.Narwin wouldn’t let him. So Philip wasn’t about what he should do. This created interest because there was a big issue in class and it caught the readers attention since they had a big …show more content…

One example of this would be when Philip was answering a question in class and said, “Yeah, but what if he’s cross-eyed? He’d see himself then wouldn’t he?”(Avi 48). He was answering a question that Ms.Narwin had asked about a book. So he asked a foolish question which upset Ms.Narwin. But he made remarks like this to upset Ms.Narwin and make the class less boring. So this created internal conflict for Ms.Narwin because she didn’t want to punish Philip but she was unhappy with what he said. Another example of Philip doing something similar to this would be when he was answering a question on an exam where he had to write what the significance of something was and he wrote,”The significance of Buck in Jack London’s novel The Call of the Wild is that Buck is symbolic of a cat. You might think that cats have nothing to do with the book, but that is the point. Dogs are willing to sit around and have writers write about them, which, in my personal opinion, makes them dumb. I think cats are smart. Cats don’t like cold. A book that takes up so much time about a dog is pretty dumb. The book itself is a dog. That is what people can learn from Jack London’s novel The call of the wild.”(Avi 15-16). So another reason that Philip doesn’t like Ms.Narwin is because he thinks that her class is boring. Since Philip wrote this as a response, he

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