Issues In Teacher Education

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Introduction: “Teachers who educate children deserve more honor than parents who merely gave birth; for bare life is furnished by the one, the other ensures a good life”- Aristotle

Teachers are the greatest asset of any education system. They stand as an interface in the process of knowledge transmission, skill development and value education. They are the backbone of every education system. Teacher quality is therefore crucial and has been globally accepted to be significantly associated with the quality of education in general and students’ learning outcomes in particular. Every major educational change brings unexpected, unpredictable insights, some positive and some negative.
Issues in Teacher Education Developing Creativity - is
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One of the major issues of teacher education is the realization of these constitutional goals.

Curriculum - Curriculum of teacher education porgramme in India has been criticized much. Some educationists feel that it does not fully address the need of contemporary Indian Schools and society and it does not contain relevant contents for teachers who are to impart quality education in schools.

Quality Concern - Quality in education relates to the quality of the work undertaken by a teacher, which has significant effect upon his or her pupils. Teacher education has not come up to the requisite standards. Teachers are not able to think critically and solve the issues related to teaching methods, and content organization. Knowledge of is emphasized and Teachers are not able to emphasize on theoretical principles in actual classroom situations.

Challenges faced by teacher
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The schools consider the teacher education department as an alien institution and not a nursery for the professional development of school teacher. These departments only observe the formality of finishing the prescribed number of lessons not caring for the pedagogy involved in the procedure.

Lack of Proper Facilities: In India, the teacher education programme is being given a step-motherly treatment. About 20 percent of the teacher education institutions are being run in rented buildings without any facility for an experimental school or laboratory, library and other equipment necessary for imparting good teacher education.

Lack of Regulations in Demand and Supply: The State Education Department have no data on the basis of which they may work out the desired intake for the institutions. There is a considerable gap between the demand and supply of teachers. This has created the problems of unemployment and underemployment.

Lack of Facilities for Professional Development: Most of the programmes are being conducted in a routine and unimaginative manner. Even the associations of teacher educators have not contributed anything towards development of a sound professionalization of teacher education in the
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