Issues In The Breakfast Club

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In the film, The Breakfast Club, by John Hughes, a film director and a producer, directed a movie about the five high school students who unwillingly attended a school detention on a saturday morning. They approximately stayed in the detention room for roughly eight hours. Mr. Vernon, a professor, served as the authority by forcing them to attend the detention. As soon as the students appeared in the detention room, Mr. Vernon immediately command them on their task for eight hours. He interdiction that by the end of the day, they will have to turn in an essay about their own roles and their individual problems. Each one of them obviously served as the stereotypical kids in high school. There was the jock, the criminal, the princess, the brain, and the basket case. Andrew was known as the jock, and…show more content…
She was the most popular gal who dislike friends. She came from a rich family and she admitted that her parents are divorce, and that she was always been used as a bridge for her parent to talk to each other. Since she knows that she is the “popular” girl, her behavior towards other people were affected. For instance, Brian, who was known as the brain, sees Claire as a higher version of him because he isn’t as popular as him. Brian is the nerd whose parents do not absolutely approve a grader lower than A. He was once about to commit suicide by bringing a gun at school, because he got a B in one of his class. In the movie, Claire asked him to do everybody’s essay because he was the “smartest” from all of them and he agreed because he liked being the smart one. Alisson is known as the basket case, where she was the “abnormal” one. In the beginning, she was the weird one who was very quiet. However, she admitted that she was ignored by her parents and that she does not feel loved. Her loneliness lead her to be depressed. She was the one who would do anything without thinking twice because she felt as if nobody really thinks that she
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