Analysis Of Young Adolescents: Wonder By Palacio

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Young adolescents in the teen years face many issues, in the novel Wonder by the author Palacio many of theses issues are portrayed. As young adolescents you face many issues either good or bad. Three of the more recurring issues are change in friendships being either good or bad as they grow up,their appearance and getting judged on your looks and not personality, and being bullied or being the bully. Our novel is set in a typical American school called Beecher Prep. In the novel, our protagonist August Pullman, age ten starts school after being homeschooled for five years, this is his first year of school and is very worried. August being fortunate or unfortunate faces all of these issues, as well as other people. The story starts of with…show more content…
“Summer… why are you sitting here?” This was something one of Summer’s friends said. This means that she is wondering why Summer is sitting with August, as nobody likes him because of his facial deformity. This foreshadows the event in which everyone wants to hang out with August and the start to give him some respect.”It was cool how you stood your ground little dude”. This is a line of speech from Amos, recently one of August’s new friends. This creates a big turn around in Wonder as everyone has now gained a level of respect for him and wants to hang around him. This is not an issue for August but a change in perspective for August and increases his confidence. That is most certainly a significant issue being good or bad in our novel…show more content…
August experienced all of these alongside friends or enemies, it helped him to become a better person and to see himself at a different perspective, as well as increasing his confidence and judging himself by personality. The message Palacio is trying to teach the reader is that you shouldn’t judge anyone by their appearance or if they have a condition but by their personality as they are someone deep down and that they have a loving personality, meaning, look at their inner self, not their

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