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For my personality type, I have gotten both INTJ and ISTJ. I am more sensing in that I don’t believe in having “a hunch” but also more intuitive in that I like numbers and Algebra, which are abstract. I am a good student, especially in math. I enjoy and am talented at doing mental math. For example I like doubling 2s like Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog and the Nighttime when I’m bored and calculating and estimating percents on tests. In school, my weakest subject is English. I am also not very good in social situation and often don’t know what to say. When I was younger, I rejected the stereotypes for little girls. I liked to draw trucks in my coloring books as well as play house with dolls. We had a lot of construction going on when I was young, and every morning I would get my dad and run outside to see the trucks coming into our driveway. …show more content…

When I was in late elementary school, I like to play sports at recess, such as kickball, touch football, and basketball, even though I wasn’t very at them. In 4th and 5th grade, I was one of two girls who regularly played, but in middle school I was the only one. At first, the boys would rarely pass to me, but eventually I proved myself. Once, a boy in my class was unhappy that a couple of girls wanted to join a football game. The girls said that they had let me play, but he replied that I didn’t count because I could catch a football. I was glad that had beaten the stereotype, even though it still applied to the other girls. Once, my teacher let a couple of boys play tackle football, but when I wanted to join, he made them switch to touch. It probably wasn’t the best idea to let them play tackle football in the first place, but I hated that I was treated differently. In general think that am an introverted person who defends what I believe

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