It Can Wait Rhetorical Analysis

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With over 121.7 million customers nationwide, AT&T is the founder of the It Can Wait campaign. Originally, the campaign was launched at a time when the number of car accidents and fatalities began to increase due to drivers who were texting and driving. Immediately after the campaign was launched, it was discovered that drivers were not only being distracted by text messages, but also things such as emails, twitter posts, instagram notifications, facebook likes, and more. The campaign took its focus off of texting alone, and began to shine a light on a the bigger picture. What makes the It Can Wait campaign so unique is that it is targeted to anyone who is able to drive. This campaign promotes one thing: keep your hands off your phone and your…show more content…
This public service announcement’s appeal is firmly built on both pathos and logos. The ad stimulates a variety of emotions. The viewer can feel sympathy for the victims of the accident, as well as fear of themselves becoming victims of a similar situation. Some may become angry at the mother for putting the life of her own child, as well as the life of an unsuspecting driver, in danger. Quick glimpses of all of the victims and bystanders’ faces are shown during the crash. Perhaps the most heartbreaking is the young daughter’s face, as she is unaware of what is about to happen.
Not only does the ad appeal to pathos, but it also provides a sense of logos. The ad presents a simple if/then statement: if someone is distracted while driving, then an accident is likely to occur. It is clear that the entire accident could have been prevented, had the driver’s eyes been focused on the road. Not to say that all accidents can be avoided, but this specific incident was caused by the negligence of a distracted driver. The intention of the ad is to show how a simple action, such as glancing at a phone while driving, could result in serious
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