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Push the Limits Writing is an act of producing and recording words in a form that can be read and understood. A writer purposely chooses phrases or ideas to describe how he or she feels and portray an idea. That would be going on record as someone who thinks about why they do what they do and how each decision affects the final result. Developing this understanding for critical thinking will make one better at what they do or strive to do. Writing is intimidating. Done well means one has contributed signal, instead of noise. It is meant for readers to hear my voice and understand where I have come from. Putting one’s thoughts down on paper can let out little surprises the writer themselves may not have put much thought into specifically. It…show more content…
The book is based off of the life of Jay Moriarity, a surfer, who learned “the ones who push the limits discover sometimes the limits push back.” Before paddling out at Mavericks, some of the biggest waves in the world, his mentor, Frosty, made him complete over 55 essays. Each essay was a minimum of two pages long. These essays were for the most part based on surfing but also made him dig deep into his inner thoughts which was the most difficult challenge of all for Jay. Frosty would follow up each essay with revisions and two or more hours of discussion. Writing encourages thought. In some cases the essays would require them to drive over to the beach in order for Jay to capture the whole picture. By taking the time to put pen to paper, it can create hundreds of ideas and allows the writer to truly grasp the concept in which they are writing about. As an athlete, I have to really visualize something to accomplish it whether it be for another practice or tournament, I take the time to write down little details my coach may tell me. By doing so, I am allowing myself to take in, remember, visualize and then act upon what is it I took the time to write…show more content…
Writing has allowed me to find what it is I am truly passionate about. All my life I have wanted to leave a mark in different aspects of society. This varies from environmental issues to everyday sports injuries as a physical therapist and healthy dieting as a dietitian. Writing allows me to show and explain to others that no one has to follow the path of what is considered “normal.” In today’s society there is no end to any situation or idea. To make a change to my writing is to continue to make changes and will forever be a never-ending

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