It Got Hard You Got Worn Analysis

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Did you know that “More than four out of five U.S. workers do not have their dream jobs” (Reuters)? How did this happen one might ask themselves, Dr. Gurner says that peopled not reach the American Dream because of four main reasons “It Got Hard, You Got Scared, You Got Discouraged, and You ‘Settled’”( Gurner). The first excuse “It Got Hard,” is not even a decent one, if Michael Jordan quit after getting put on JV he would never have six NBA championships. If you think for one second that he was not working late some nights then you are mistaken. If you think that it was not hard to watch his relationship with Daisy fall out of reach then you again are mistaken. The second excuse “You Got Scared,” what kind of person gets scared pf their dream? Often now-a-days we see too many people that just do not have a spine, they do what others do because they are afraid to go out on their…show more content…
Do you think that Meyer Wolfshien was ever scared? He fixed the 1919 World Series, men like him never have fear. The third excuse “You Got Discouraged,” that just doesn’t make any sense because who do expect to motivate you on your dream. If you are waiting for a Rocky training montage, you will continue waiting until you’re six feet under. Who do you think was encouraging Gatsby to pursue his long lost love with Daisy before Nick? Gatsby did not have a friend by his side telling him to continue his quest of love. The last excuse “You ‘Settled’” this excuse is just plan disappointing. How could a person give up on their hope, on all their aspirations and dreams? Daisy Buchanan settled for Tom because he was what she thought she needed at the time, if the love with Gatsby was so strong then how could she just end the relationship without as much as a second thought. All of these reasons can be overcome in the pursuit of your dreams. Why should a person ever give up on their dreams it just does not make any
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