It Is Expensive To Be Poor By Barbara Ehrenreich Essay

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The Truth About Poverty “Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit” this quote was said by Mahatma Gandhi and it relates so well with this article “It is Expensive To Be Poor”, answer the question yourself, Is it expensive to be poor? This article is titled like that to get the audience's attention early and have them thinking ahead of reading. The author Barbara Ehrenreich is building a pre thought when she does this which helps support her claim. “It is Expensive To Be Poor” by Barbara Ehrenreich is an article posted on “The atlantic” “which is where you can find your current news and analysis on politics, business, culture, and technology”. Knowing what “The Atlantic” offers for readers this gives Ehrenreich a detailed look at who she is writing to. The article talks about poverty within america and the issues and resolutions connected to the economy. In “It is Expensive To Be Poor” Ehrenreich claim is that people in poverty are not in that situation because of self habits but because they simply do not have money at the moment. she explains that anyone…show more content…
Johnson's term. She brings up how the government realized that this was an escalating problem in the economy that they wanted to fix and they took action. She mentioned programs like “Head Start”, “Medicaid”, “Legal Services”, and “Job Corps”. After giving those examples of actions took she then went on to the truth as to why it didn't work and that's because the government just didn't have enough money to help the programs out simply because they were fighting another war which was the one in vietnam also known as one of the deadliest wars in american history. This was important in her structure of the article because it gives readers a little knowledge on the situation before jumping into it, it builds pre knowledge which will later help go into supporting her
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