Analysis Of The Poem It Was Long Ago By Eleanor Farjeon

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1. Focus. What is the passage about? (Subject matter) is it about a decision, a revelation, or an event? What does this reveal? Their character or circumstances? Or something else? The poem ‘it was long ago’ written by Eleanor Farjeon is about a memory of Farjeon’s when she was three. This is shown through the narrative of her interaction involving an old lady and herself. Furthermore, the final sentence exposes that this memory meant a lot to her, since this was the end of her childhood. 2. Tone. The attitude of the narrator - is it significant? What is their attitude towards the subject? What is the tone? Does it change? The poem is placid and nostalgic this is significant, since it illustrates how she felt about the memory. Furthermore,…show more content…
Essentially the poet is persuading the audience to feel as though they are three, thus so the audience can attain a improved understanding of why she treasures this memory. 7. Language. Look at the description. What role does it play? Is it to provide setting, character development, atmosphere or something else? How are images used? What effect do they create? (Only comment on images that create meaning) 8. Farjeon is using the tool of simple language to make it more fitting for a three year old’s vocabulary. There is a common repetition of the first line in every stanza; in which all of the first sentences end with the word 'remember '. Furthermore, there are two additional rhyme sounds; 'ee ' and 'oh '. Also, they are used frequently within the poem. The rhythm is gentle and slow, suitable an illustration of a memory that she adores. Moreover, her descriptive language, like; In a red shawl with a grey cat on her knee, humming under a tree., helps the audience to see what the memory would come across as 9. Beginning and ending. Is there anything significant about these? Any elements of

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