It Was Rape Film Review

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It Was Rape is a documentary that showcases eight stories from women who have been raped at some point in their life. All of the women have diverse stories and are speaking out about their experience to help others become aware of what is happening in society. All of the women are able to recall their molestation vividly and are scarred from the incident. Many of the women in the film are active in programs or websites that aid in the process of helping people become aware of rape. These women took their own experience and turned it into a way to help other victims. This documentary gives insight about how rape seriously affects its victims. One of the women, Christen Clifford, shares that the worst part about being a victim of rape was her internal conflict. She struggled with the hatred towards her…show more content…
It relates to our class because we could not possibly have a class about human sexuality and not discuss one of the biggest issues in our society of sexual beings. I agree wholeheartedly with the message this film is presenting to its viewers. I agree that we should all learn how to listen to victims and help in any way we can. As humans we need to take care of each other to benefit society. This film helps make our society a better place by spreading awareness of the pain rape causes its victims. This movie is still relevant today and will continue to be relevant until there is no rape left in the world. It is relevant because rape occurs disgustingly often and needs to be talked about. I think the emotions I felt for the women in the film will stick with me over time. I will never forget their pain, and how I empathized with them. It was helpful to hear an actual victim speak out about their situation instead of just hearing a statistic on rape. Their activism for other victims of rape will also stick with me and remind me that this is an important

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