Italian Culture Vs American Culture Essay

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If I had the opportunity to do so, I would switch lives with a girl in Italy to gather knowledge about the culture in Italy and Europe to become a better global citizen. I believe I would gain experience in many aspects of Italian culture, including the cuisine, architecture, and artwork. Italian culture and American culture present many differences, which is why I would like to travel there to gain more knowledge about the world.
The cuisine, art, and architecture of Italy differ from that of America. Italian cuisine is relatively simple, using only four to eight ingredients per dish. Chefs stress the quality of each ingredient over the elaborate preparation of a dish. The main ingredients of Italian cuisine include pasta, wine, cheese, various
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American cuisine varies greatly by region. New Englanders favor seafood and dairy products, while Texans prefer a wildly different flavor, blending their food together in a fusion called Tex-Mex. Popular foods associated with America include steaks, pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, and French fries. Architecture in America differs from Italian architecture in regards to having no set style. Rather, American architecture is a melting pot of styles, materials, and designs. Examples include skyscrapers lining the city streets, to the Gothic Revival style of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, to the Greek Revival style of the New York Customs House. Art and architecture are strongly connected, as the architect Julia Morgan said, “Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.” American artwork distinguishes itself in a number of ways. Much of early American art consisted of battle scenes, various history paintings, and portraits. The Harlem Renaissance, which spanned the 1920s, featured African-Americans combating racist stereotypes with their artwork. The Pop Art style emerged in the 1960s, and presented pieces of art with bright colors, prints, and designs based upon popular culture of the time. American art is constantly reinventing itself, never stuck in one genre, always moving forward. From digital, to charcoal, to oil paints. Artists today utilize many
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