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Do you know that 13 February is celebrated as the Eat Italian Food day? Pasta is a food which is consumed by an Italian at least once a day.
The famous Italian wedding soup does not exist in Italy. It is actually a mix of American and Italian cuisine. It is primarily prepared from vegetables, meat and stock.
The original Italian cuisine does not recommend the use of garlic to the extent it is used in Garlic Bread which is considered an Italian dish. The Italian cuisine uses bread in its plain form.
Do you know that Italian cuisine list different types of coffee for different parts of the day? For instance, coffee with milk is consumed in the morning and espresso coffee is served post lunch time.
Spaghetti, considered the most popular Italian dish, is actually not an
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Italian cuisine cherishes its sustenance and many dishes depend on new vegetables and fish as well. There are heavenly sweet cakes in Italy, similar to the Panettone, Panforte and almond cakes like amaretti.
Do you know that Pesto is a sauce, green in colour? It is made with olives, pine kennels, herbs and olive oil along with parmigianno cheese. It is also one of the most healthy and delicious food.
Spilling of olive oil is considered to bring bad luck. It is most common superstitions from Italian cuisine which has been there from the oldest of civilizations.
The Italian breakfast keeps running along the lines of an espresso, bread moves, treats and baked goods. Other famous choices incorporate natural product plate of mixed greens, yogurt and muesli.
In Summers, the specific top choices of Italian cuisine incorporate aubergines, beans, beetroot, cucumbers, courgettes, peas, radishes and tomatoes. chicory, lettuce and carrots are however available throughout the

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