Italian Opera Analysis

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This was the first ever Italian opera, I have attended. In the very beginning, I was lost as to what was being said. After the first intermission and speaking with the people around me they shared some helpful advice in understanding the remaining acts. La Triviata, made me feel as I was living in an Italian fairy tale. The costumes were very elegant and beautiful. In the opening act, the main character (Violetta), was preparing for a party she was having in her house. She was wearing a skirt with a corset on. The ladies that arrived at Violetta house was wearing sizably voluminous dresses. The women had hefty and effulgent wigs on. While the men wore cordial suits. I assumed that the attire represented that everyone was from an elite group…show more content…
Alfredo and Violetta are living a peaceful life in a small country villa. Violetta is really in love with Alfredo now. Annina, the servant returns from Paris and tell Alfredo that she has sold all of Violetta belongings to support their lives in the country. Alfredo is surprised by this news and goes to Paris to confirm what he was told. Violetta comes home and gets an invitation to a party in Paris from her friend Flora. Alfredo father wants the couple to break up, but Violetta refuses to do so. Violetta accepts invite to party and send servant to inform her friend, while writing a farewell note Alfredo enters the room. Violetta affirms her love to Alfredo but deep inside she is sad and hurt. When Violetta starts to leave she hands the letter to the servant to give to Alfredo. When alfredo reads it, he becomes very distraught. His father tries to condole him. Alfredo starts to think that Violetta was influenced by Baron to leave him. Alfredo decides to go to the party and confront them. His friend tries to stop him, but he does not listen. Meantime at the party Marquis tells Flora that Violetta and Alfredo have separated. Violetta arrives at the party with Baron and they both see Alfredo gambling at a table. Alfredo proclaims aloud that he is going to take Violetta home with him and Baron becomes upset and confronts him. That’s when Flora announces its time for
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